Nurture, Empower, Outreach - Focus equips women for ministry


enditnow:  Adventists say no to violence against women

It is estimated that at least one in every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused during her lifetime.  This is why enditnow seeks to increase personal awareness, responsibility, and involvement to effectively help end violence against women and girls in every family and community.  Two new enditnow brochures are available to download.  We encourage you to print and share the brochures.  Become the help and hope for someone in an abusive relationship. 


2013 International Day of Prayer

Another year, another month of March, another Day of Prayer, another special day packet.

Building Faith Through Prayer, written by Premila Masih, Southern Asia Women's Ministries director, invites us to keep faith in the God who sees us in all circumstances and hears us when we pray. To download the resource material click here.


20th Anniversary of Women’s Ministries devotional books


Blessed is the title of the 2013 Women’s Ministries devotional book for women and its publication marks the 20th year anniversary of publishing devotional books. 

 The God-inspired devotional book project began in 1992 as a one-time idea to raise funds for Women’s Ministries scholarships, but that book was so well received, and so many blessings flowed from it, that the books just kept coming—and kept blessing. Not only are book readers blessed, but every writer and scholarship recipient is blessed. And blessings continue through the service these amazing women provide.

 You can give a blessing.

  • Buy a book for yourself.
  • Buy extra copies; they make wonderful gifts.
  • Write a devotional to be included in a future book.
  • Apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Tell a deserving woman how to apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Make a financial contribution to the scholarship fund.

"Nurture, Empower, and Outreach” Focus Equips Women for Ministry

A Ministry For Every Woman:  Touch a Heart, Tell The World 

“A Ministry for Every Woman: Touch a Heart, Tell the World” is a program developed by General Conference Women’s Ministries to advance the work of sharing the gospel using the methods that Christ used

There are three areas of focus when it comes to equipping, training, and inspiring women to serve:  Nurture, Empower, and Outreach.

  1. NURTURE:  Reach up - To help women in their devotional time and personal growth, enabling them to be nurturers in the church and community.
  2. EMPOWER:  Reach across - To equip women for their activities and projects for the church and community.
  3. OUTREACH:  Reach out  -  To help women use small group fellowship to reach others in their community.

GC Women’s Ministries provides guidelines, ideas, and resources for each of these three areas of ministry. For more information click here.


EMPOWER: Reach Across

Outreach is for everyone! Do you believe that? Not many women believe that they can do outreach. But you can. Methods of evangelism come in many different sizes and shapes. It’s not one size fits all; but we are confident that you will find a size that will fit you and through you God will win a precious soul to His kingdom.

The Outreach is for Everyone: Women’s Ministries Evangelism Manual includes fifteen chapters. Each 60-minute chapter can be used as a training event for the women in the local church or for personal study. The material includes 15 PowerPoint Presentations.

This is a valuable resource to train and equip women for many types of evangelism. To download the material click here.





The “Homes of Hope and Healing” program involves opening our homes to our neighbors for fellowship and learning.  To download the matetrial click here……

For powerpoint presentation of Homes of Hope and Healing programclick here

For 8 topics/lessons for the Homes of Hope and Healing programclick here.   Topics include: Emotion, God's Provision for Anxiety, Stress, Relationships, Guilt, Good Thinking, Hope Against Depression and Resilience.